The 2014 Sumo Tournement Tokyo starts January 12th. If you are planning on attending, here is the number and address for tickets: 1-3-28 Yokoami, Sumida, Tokyo 130-0015, Japan, Phone: +81 3-3623-5111.

If you can’t get to Japan we will have all of the Sumo action in HD.

Live feeds of the matches start at 1am CT.  We will be replaying matches the following day.

For Sumo Fun Facts:

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2014 Grand Sumo Schedule:

Kokugikan – January 12th – 26th

Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium – March 9th – 23rd

Kokugikan – May 11th – 25th

Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium – July 13th – 27th

Kokugikan – September 14th – 28th

Fukuoka Kokusai Center – November 9th – 23rd