motoisaketanksThe brewing season has officially come to a close! It has been another innovating and exciting year. Every single tank is full, each containing a unique sake that can be transformed in a number of different ways. We will tap the first sake on April 30th for Dining Out For Life, 35% of sales will go towards this great cause. The sake will be an ultra exclusive single barrel sake, labeled simply as “White Sake”.

White Sake is a term used for one of the first filtration methods ever with sake. What happens is the moromi (aka sake mash) is finished fermenting and all rice particulate and yeast drop out of suspension. This leaves behind the smallest amount of naturally filtrated sake of the utmost delicate but premium quality. Historically this sake was reserved for royalty only.

We will have one keg only, be sure to treat yourself to this once a year sake on April 30th!