moto-i-kojiThe time has finally arrived to release brand new sake from this brewing season!
We will be rotating in the new brews over the next few of months.

The first release will be the new Junmai Ginjo Nigori AK-12!

Nigori, which means “loosely pressed”, is often slightly sweeter due to remaining unfermented sugars that are left behind. The resulting sake has a pleasant cloudy appearance with a heavier mouthfeel. Nigori in the past, here at moto-i, has been very sweet. This year we fermented a much more delicate and balanced Ginjo grade Nigori. The finish will still be slightly sweet, with a little alcohol warmth. Due to its youth, the bright floral and fruity notes will never be more prominent than they are right when we tap it Friday, March 6th.

Rice: Koshihikari
Yeast: AK-12
Seimaibuai: 57%
ABV: 16%
SMV: -4

Soon to follow will be Junmai Yamahai 701

Coming from the brewers, this is a sake that we are personally very excited about. Yamahai is a particular yeast starter that can lead to more robust, earthy, and gamey flavors. When tamed with slow, controlled fermentation, the result is truly amazing! The aromatics are very floral and perfume-like, enhanced by the alcohol content. The flavor profile presents the other end of the spectrum which is the slight sweetness provided by the blend of rice grains used. You can expect this next release late March or early April!

Rice: Arborio and Koshihikari
Seimaibuai: 68% (koji) / 70%
ABV: 16%
SMV: +8
Other new brews will be released as tank space frees up. We will be sure to keep you updated as they are released. There are many more exciting things on the horizon. Stay tuned!

Kanpai from the Kura!