News sakes are out!

Junmai Kimoto Tokubetsu Roka  – our annual Tokubetsu release. Tokubetsu means “special”. When you see that in the description of a sake, it means the brewer has done something special or experimental in the brewing process. In the case of our Kimoto Tokubetsu, we blended two different strains of yeast, AK-12 and 701. The final product was then lightly charcoal filtered, leaving behind a flavor profile that is best described as sweet cherry.

SMV: -2         ABV: 16%

Junmai Ginjo 1801 (Now on Tap) – 1801 is a yeast strain that is almost always reserved for Ginjo (premium) grade sake. Ginjo grade sake has a tendency to have a much more delicate flavor profile due to the fact that a majority of proteins and lipids in the rice grain have been milled away, leaving behind mostly the starch core. 1801 yeast is known for its unique flavor profile such as slight anise and melon.

SMV: -3        ABV: 16%

Junmai Ginjo AK-12 (Coming Soon) – Also a Ginjo grade sake, and is a favorite of the brewers. This Junmai is very light on the palate with an assertive alcohol warmth. Robust and earthy with a hint of marshmallow. We brewed twice as much of this sake this year than we did last year due to its overwhelming popularity.

SMV: +3       ABV: 16.5%