As spring moves forward and summer grows nearer, many businesses begin planning their annual company parties. There are usually one or two people who are put in charge of organizing the festivities, and the first thing on their list is usually to find a suitable venue. At Moto-i, we have plenty of space for your company party, and one of our private areas could be the perfect spot for this year’s gathering. With delicious Japanese cuisine, amazing sake, and an outstanding atmosphere, everyone will surely have a great time!

Plan an Outdoor Party!

Stryker's Lookout at Moto-i
Stryker’s Lookout

While it may take a few weeks before the weather is really enjoyable in Minneapolis, it’s never too early to plan an outdoor party. Depending on the size of your company and the number of people who may attend, our rooftop patio, Stryker’s Lookout, could be the perfect spot. It’s available during the summer months, so if your party will be sometime after June, you can host it outdoors while still maintaining some privacy. The rooftop can accommodate 200 people for a cocktail party, or approximately 75 people for a formal, sit-down dinner. We will move tables around and arrange everything according to your preferences.

Perfect for Startups

Perhaps you’re celebrating your first year in business, or you’re a new startup that wants to celebrate your first big sale. Whatever the case may be, it’s always fun to celebrate your company’s accomplishments. Chances are, if you’re a startup, you don’t have too many people in the office, which means you don’t need a large space for your party. Our Ramen Alley is a semi-private space next to our bar area, and it’s a great place to host a small gathering. While not completely enclosed or separated like the Big Boy Lounge or Stryker’s Lookout, it still provides a suitable place for you and your employees to gather. You can even see directly into our on-site sake brewery!

Reserve Your Date Today

Even though your party may be a few months away, or your party planning committee hasn’t even picked a date yet, it’s a good idea to reserve your spot sooner rather than later. More and more companies will begin booking the prime weeknights and weekends as the spring goes on, and you don’t want to miss out on reserving the date you want. With a blend of amazing Japanese food, authentic sake, and an ambiance that’s perfect for a party, Moto-i is a great choice for your next company event. We’ll make sure that everything is set up perfectly for your party, and that you have the seating, food, and everything else you need. We even have audiovisual equipment that you can use to give toasts or present a company slideshow!

Each of our three private event spaces is booked on a minimum in sales, and Stryker’s Lookout does require a reservation deposit. You can learn more about our private spaces by calling us at (612) 821-6262, or by filling out the form below. You can also stop by our restaurant at 2940 Lyndale Ave S and speak with a member of our staff. If you’d like to incorporate a sake brewery tour or a sake tasting into your party, we can make that happen!

Make your company party memorable this year by hosting it at Moto-i. Our restaurant can be a better choice than trying to organize something at the office, or trying to fit everyone into a co-worker’s house. If you’re concerned about transportation to and from the event, then be sure to check out the offers from our friends at Minnesota Party Bus!

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