If you’re a college student in the Minneapolis area, then you’re likely looking at the beginning of one of the most dreaded weeks of the entire semester — finals week. It might be this week or next week, but regardless of when it is, all you know is that you’ll be very glad when it’s over. At Moto-i, we’re here to help you celebrate the end of finals week and enjoy one last hurrah before you head home for winter break. Visit our Japanese restaurant today!

Get Together With Friends

You likely don’t see a whole lot of your friends during finals week, since you’re all studying and cramming for tests, labs, and more. You may see one or two of them in the classes you have together, but you don’t have time to chat, since you’re all focused on the upcoming exam. However, once everything is done and you’ve turned in that last essay, getting together at a local restaurant can be great way to commemorate the end of finals week. Our menu is filled with amazing choices, and you can enjoy some quality time with friends before everyone leaves for the holidays.

Enjoy a Night Out

Once the tests are over and the papers are finished, you may not want to see the inside of a college classroom for a very long time. While it will only be a few weeks until the spring semester starts, you can get away from campus and out of your dorm room or apartment with a night out on the town. You can hit your favorite spots, including Moto-i, and have delicious food and drinks that will keep you going until late into the evening. We’re open until 2:00 a.m. every day, so if it’s just you and your roommates, you won’t have to worrying about turning in early. After all, you won’t have any classes to get up for the next morning!

Finish Your Holiday Shopping

Your friends and family know that you’ve been busying studying for the past few weeks, so they’ve likely cut you some slack when it comes to holiday shopping. Once your exams are finished, however, you can devote more time to finding those perfect holiday gifts for everyone on your list. If you know someone who loves Japanese cuisine, then a Moto-i gift card can be the perfect present. When you’re here enjoying a meal or a drink, you can pick up a gift card and check that person off your list.

We know how stressful finals week can be, and we hope that everything goes well as you try to remember everything you’ve learned over the past four months. Once you’re done, we hope you’ll stop by our restaurant and enjoy a fantastic meal, along with some sake that we brew on-site. If you’ve never been here before, then our staff will gladly provide recommendations, and if you’re a regular, then we would love to see you again.

We look forward to helping you celebrate the end of finals week!