With summer drawing to a close, do you really want to be spending this Friday night at home, watching television, eating popcorn, and sitting on the couch? You have worked hard at your job all week, and you deserve to take some time and relax with friends. Come visit our Japanese restaurant in Minneapolis to make the most out of your next Friday night and start your weekend off the right way.

In today’s post, we will discuss how Moto-i can help you make this Friday night one to remember. Whether you want to simply relax with friends over a nice meal or celebrate one of life’s milestones, we have you covered. Our restaurant even features a sake bar so you can celebrate all the way into Saturday morning with a traditional Japanese drink.

Start the Evening With a Night out on the Town

Minneapolis has a plethora of activities and attractions that will help you begin your Friday night in a fun way. For example, there is still a little bit of time left in the year to catch a Minnesota Twins game, and that time will be extended if they can make it to the postseason. If you do not feel like taking in a ballgame, then try simply going out on the town! Minneapolis has an eventful and enjoyable nightlife for you to experience. Whether you grab drinks with friends, spend time relaxing in a park, or simply stroll along the river, there is plenty for you to do.

Come Eat a Meal at Moto-i

Regardless of how you choose to start your Friday evening in Minneapolis, Moto-i is an excellent choice for the meal around which to center your night. Our restaurant is located a short drive away from Central Minneapolis, and it can be easily accessed following a Twins game at Target Field. Moto-i is a fantastic place for you to revel in authentic Japanese and Asian cuisine.

The menu at Moto-i is perfect for friends and family to start the weekend with. We have several appetizers and small plates that can be shared among whole groups. Whether you prefer ramen, steamed buns, or another type of Asian dish, we have you covered. Many people love our pork ramen, and house-made steamed buns make a perfect meal for the fall months.

There are numerous vegetarian and vegan options available at Moto-i, too! Some of our lighter options include dishes such as beet salad. Many of the ramen, steamed buns, and noodles on the Moto-i menu can be prepared in a way that accommodates a vegetarian or vegan diet. Simply ask your server to have the kitchen prepare the dish in this manner.

The menu options at Moto-i can be perfect for your group, regardless of the size or dietary restrictions. Thanks to Moto-i, it is easy to enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine on a beautiful night in Minneapolis.

Don’t Forget Dessert

Our restaurant has several dessert options for you to try following your meal at Moto-i. Satisfy your sweet tooth with sata andagi, authentic Okinawan doughnuts famous in Japan. Or try our banana egg roll, which is a sweet twist on a classic Asian favorite.

Moto-i also serves rotating flavors of Sebastian Joe’s Ice Cream and mochi. Sebastian Joe’s makes homemade ice cream less than a mile from our own restaurant, and their flavors have become something of a legend around Minneapolis. Finish your meal by asking what flavors of ice cream and mochi are currently rotating through Moto-i.

Keep the Fun Times Going With Late-Night Drinks

Sometimes, you simply don’t want the night to end! If you have enjoyed a delicious meal at Moto-i and you still don’t want the fun times to be over, then consider trying our sake bar! The sake from Moto-i is made in Minneapolis, and it presents a great chance to try a staple Japanese drink. You can learn what makes sake different from other alcoholic beverages by reading our post on the subject, but trying sake at our bar is one of the best ways in Minneapolis to experience the drink for yourself.

Make Your Reservations Today!

If savoring a meal at Moto-i this Friday night sounds like a great way to start your weekend, then make a reservation today! Don’t forget to try dessert and to taste some sake when you come to eat at our Japanese restaurant in Minneapolis.