Office buildings across Minneapolis have been slowly reopening for the past few months, with health and safety protocols being implemented for those coming back to the office to work. At moto-i, we’re glad to see people back in our neighborhood, and we hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy while adhering to the social distancing measures that are still in place in buildings throughout the city.

If you’re heading back to the office for the first time in months, it’s important to give yourself time to adjust to the surroundings once again. It will likely take some time to settle in, and if you need to get out of the building during your lunch hour or just to take a break, we’d love to see you in our Japanese restaurant.

Outdoor Lunch With Coworkers

With returning to the office, you’re likely going to see friends and coworkers you haven’t seen in months. Even with a limited number of people in the office, there’s a chance you’ll be able to reconnect with someone that you’ve only talked with online or chatted with over a video call since the springtime.

If you and your fellow employees want to go out to lunch together, consider ordering from our online menu and taking your meal to a nearby park or public area for a picnic. You might not have access to your building’s cafeteria or break room, and this can be a great way to enjoy quality time with your coworkers.

Pick Up Food On Your Way Home

Heading back to the office also means the return of your daily commute, which you may or may not have missed. Either way, it can often mean that you’re getting home later in the evening, often without the energy to make dinner once you’re there. Whether you live alone or you have a partner and/or children, picking up food on your way home can be a great way to make sure you have dinner at least a few nights a week.

With our online ordering system, you can place your order before you leave the office and it will be ready and waiting for you when you get here. You can pick everything up and take it home, where everyone can enjoy delicious Japanese food without the hassle of having to cook!

Business Lunches and Happy Hours

Another aspect of returning to the office this fall can be the resuming of business lunches. There might be clients or investors whom you haven’t connected with face-to-face in months, and a business lunch can be just the thing to help strengthen that connection. Our restaurant can be a prime spot for a lunch like this, especially if your office is in the area and your client is coming from the airport.

If the client or investor is local, you can meet for lunch or for happy hour after work, discussing business matters over a few cups of our sake that’s brewed on-site. We offer several food and drink specials during happy hour, so be sure to ask your server about the details.

Visit Us Today

With going back to the office this fall, you’re likely doing everything you can to be productive while also being safe and healthy. If you need to get out of the building for lunch, you want to meet up with coworkers or clients for a drink, or you don’t have time to cook when you get home, visit moto-i today. We can make sure that you find the perfect drink, appetizer, entree, or dessert, no matter when you stop by.

We look forward to seeing you soon!