As a businessperson, you know the importance of networking. You might be trying to grow your business, or you might already be established in the community, but it’s never a bad idea to meet with like-minded people and share ideas. If you’re planning to host a corporate luncheon in the near future and need a place to hold it, why not have it at Moto-i? Our Japanese restaurant is the perfect spot for small or large groups, and we can even set up audio and visual equipment so you can show a presentation or have a guest speaker.


A Professional Atmosphere

You will most likely invite a wide variety of people to your luncheon, from those you already know to those who might potentially invest in your company. It’s important, no matter where you hold the event, to have a professional atmosphere that is conducive to talking business and presenting the information you want to share. We have private event spaces that are perfect for lunch, and we can make sure that everyone is comfortably seated and has plenty of menu options from which to choose.


A Perfect Alternative to an Event Venue

Booking a room or event space at a local hotel or venue is an option, but then you have to think about catering and other logistics. By having it at our restaurant, you won’t have to worry about the food, the seating, or anything else! We can help you come up with a menu that includes appetizers, entrees, and desserts, and provide a full drink menu for your guests to enjoy. If you have a smaller group, we could also arrange a tour of our on-site sake brewery, and give them a taste of this traditional Japanese beverage. No other event space can offer that!


Making the Event Memorable

Chances are that many of your luncheon attendees have been to catered events in hotel ballrooms and rented venues. The menu is often the same and the atmosphere is less than ideal, especially if you’ve rented a larger room and only half the people show up. By holding your event at Moto-i, you can make your luncheon memorable, and all of our private spaces can feel as open or as intimate as you’d like. By pairing great Japanese cuisine with a comfortable space, you can create the perfect business event.

If you’re planning on hosting a corporate luncheon in the near future, contact us today to begin planning your event. Our private spaces, which include Ramen Alley, the Big Boy Lounge, and Stryker’s Lookout, can all be arranged for events, and our staff will help you decide which area is best. Stryker’s Lookout is our rooftop patio, and may not be the most ideal for a business lunch. Ramen Alley and Big Boy Lounge can be arranged for a cocktail-style lunch or a sit-down meal, and neither of these spaces require a deposit to reserve. They do, however, require a minimum in sales that includes all food and beverage for the event.

We look forward to hosting your next event!