This year has definitely been challenging when it comes to setting and following a routine, and at moto-i, we understand the difficulty of trying to stick to a schedule week in and week out. With fall on the horizon, school starting up again (in some capacity), and people returning to the office at least a few days a week in certain places, now could be the perfect time to establish a routine. As your Japanese restaurant in Minneapolis, we’d love to be a part of your weekly routine!

Family Dinner Night

As school begins again, either in-person or virtually, and parents begin going back to work, you might set down and make a schedule for the week. This can include who’s doing what chores, such as laundry or washing dishes, as well as who is responsible for making dinner each night. If you have teenage children at home, this can help them take on more responsibility and have more creativity when it comes to putting together a meal. If you designate one night each week for going out for dinner or ordering takeout or delivery, we can provide amazing Japanese cuisine for the entire family.

You can rotate the night of the week you go out to eat or order delivery so that each person has it fall on one of the nights they’re responsible for making dinner. We offer takeout from noon to 9 p.m. seven days a week, so no matter which night it is, you can order from our entire menu. Even if you just have one night a week that’s family dinner night, and there’s a different person each week who’s in charge of dinner, we can provide delicious food for everyone!

Getting Together With Friends

If you live by yourself or with roommates, it can also be beneficial to have a weekly routine. Everyone might have a different work schedule, but there are a few nights each week when everyone is free for dinner. You and your friends might also have a few lunch hours free when you could get together for a meal. While we’re only currently offering takeout during the lunch hour, you can dine in or order delivery for dinner.

It may have been several months since you’ve seen certain friends, due to social distancing and other factors, so why not get together for a meal every week during the fall? You can order takeout or delivery and meet at someone’s house, or if you have a small group of four people or less, you can dine on our rooftop patio anytime between 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. Thursday through Sunday.

Visit Moto-i Today

If you’re working on establishing a weekly routine, if for no other reason than to create some normalcy, make moto-i a part of the routine. We love meeting new people, as well as reconnecting with our loyal customers, and we’re here to offer delicious Japanese food for lunch and dinner. If you’re going to dine on our rooftop patio, please be sure to make a reservation through our OpenTable profile.

We look forward to seeing you soon!