dreamstime_xxl_19611819Finding the perfect spot for a date can seem like a challenge, but with the mixture of great cuisine, fresh sake, and amazing atmosphere, our Japanese restaurant is an outstanding choice. At Moto-i, we’ve helped many couples celebrate their anniversary, or make that first date very memorable. It’s okay if you’ve never tried Japanese cuisine before – our staff will explain the menu options, and can recommend something if you’re unsure which to choose.

Making a Reservation

Making a reservation for your date night is easy through our online system, but you’ll want to make sure you plan for eventualities and delays, such as traffic or your date not quite being ready when you arrive to pick them up. If it’s your first date, making a good impression is key (especially if you’re meeting his or her parents) and flowers are always a nice touch. If you bring the flowers into the restaurant with you, we’ll happily make them part of your table decoration. If neither of you have tried sake before, but want to, we’ll happily tell you how we brew it onsite, and what the brewing process entails. We don’t merely want you to have dinner and leave – we want you to have an experience!

If you’re planning a date night, make it extraordinary by coming to our Japanese restaurant in Minneapolis. We would love to help you plan a night you’ll both remember, and we often have special events that can make the evening even more amazing. Contact us today to make your reservation!

moto-i Ramen & Sake House

2940 Lyndale Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55408

P: 612-821-6262

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Business Hours

  1. MON-FRI
    1. 12:00pm – 9:00pm