Every summer, you look forward to seeing family members that you haven’t seen since the holidays, or perhaps since last summer. Your aunts, uncles, and cousins come into town, and together with your parents and grandparents, you all have a fantastic time together, whether that’s grilling in the backyard, going to an amusement park, or touring the city.

At Moto-i, we love having families come in for lunch or dinner, and if you’re in charge of planning this year’s reunion, why not add a trip to a traditional Japanese restaurant to the list? Our menu has something for everyone, and you can even find something that the kids will enjoy!

Hosting Everyone at Your House

Depending on the size of your home, you may be planning on hosting several relatives for a few days. This means that the guest rooms and pull-out sofas will all be filled, and you’ll be tasked with feeding everyone at least a few times a day. Some may choose to stay at a nearby hotel, but they’ll still be at your house a majority of the time, especially around meal times. You’re fine with this arrangement, since you’ve planned and budgeted for the reunion, but it’s also good to get out the house and experience something new together as a family.

Our restaurant has three event spaces that you can rent for larger groups, and if it’s only the adults coming to see us, you can arrange for a tour of our on-site sake brewery. Our staff will gladly explain how our amazing sake is made, and you can try different varieties before or with your meal.

Plan Activities for the Kids

Your kids and your cousins’ kids may not be too thrilled about spending a few days away from home at someone else’s house. The kids all get along, but they’re likely not excited about touring around the city and seeing a bunch of historical sites. Unless you’re going to The Mall of America or a theme park in the city, it’s important to plan activities for the kids so that they can have fun as well. If the adults are going out to dinner, why not hire a babysitter, or let the older cousins look after the younger ones? The kids can have a movie night and a slumber party in the family room, and the adults can enjoy a night on the town without the little ones tagging along.

Reserve Your Space Today

If you’re going to have several family members in town this summer, and you want to reserve one of our event spaces, then please contact us today. If it’s just going to be the adults for dinner and a sake tour, then you can make a reservation for a smaller table by using OpenTable. We’ll make sure that everything is ready for you when you arrive, and that you have an outstanding experience with amazing Japanese cuisine.

Family reunions are supposed to be fun, and we look forward to being a part of that fun!