October is finally upon us, which means that Halloween is just around the corner. Usually, Halloween is a great time to enjoy city life and see everything that the nightlife in Minneapolis has to offer. Whether you love the fall season, take pleasure in the frightening atmosphere, or simply want an excuse to spend time with your friends, Halloween offers a fantastic chance for you to enjoy yourself.

In today’s blog, we will discuss planning your Halloween celebration in Minneapolis this year. Regardless of what you choose to do this Halloween, remember to visit Moto-i for authentic Japanese cuisine and finish off your night with sake. The delicious meals, beverages, and wonderful staff at our restaurant can help make your celebration into a memorable event.

Pick a Costume

One of the best parts about Halloween is getting to wear a costume. Costumes are a fantastic way to make the holiday fun and lively, so it is crucial to put at least a little bit of effort into your costume. You don’t want to kill the fun of the party by showing up in everyday attire.

Perhaps you want to become one of your favorite characters from a movie, or maybe you want to try your hand at a Halloween classic, such as a zombie or a vampire. Regardless of the costume you choose, make it something fun and easy so you can bring all the pieces together without stressing too much. The point is to enjoy yourself, after all.

Coordinate With Your Friends

Some people find it easier to coordinate their costume choices with their friends rather than coming up with topics on their own. If you do this, then each friend involved in the costume can purchase or find a piece of it, making it even easier for you to get all the materials you need. Perhaps you could dress up as your favorite band, the cast of a television show, or a horde of zombies. No matter what theme you pick, try to ensure that everyone involved is happy with the choice and has the ability to participate.

When you work on your costume with your friends, be sure to coordinate your plans for the night of Halloween! No one wants to organize a group costume only to find out that part of the group double booked Halloween. Take some time to talk about what each of you plans to do and get an idea of how you will spend the holiday.

Pick Activities for the Day

While talking with your friends, consider some activities to do during the day of Halloween. When people think of celebrating Halloween, they typically think of things happening at night because that is when most parties traditionally occur. Halloween is on a Thursday this year, so it might be difficult to celebrate during the day. That said, you can still make this Halloween an all day affair by celebrating early or even taking off work to enjoy the day. .

Consider inviting friends over to watch Halloween movies while you put your costumes together. You can start with a cheesy movie and watch progressively scarier movies as the day turns to night. If you want to channel your inner trick-or-treater, then get your favorite candy to snack on while watching the movies.

Minneapolis also has a half marathon occurring on Halloween, which could give you and your friends something to enjoy if you prefer fitness to candy. Whatever you decide to do, it helps to begin planning early so you have a good idea of how the holiday will unfold.

Enjoy a Delicious Meal at Our Japanese Restaurant

One of the best ways to spend Halloween as an adult is visiting a restaurant and bar with your friends. You can spend time eating tasty food, drinking wonderful drinks, and socializing. Moto-i is a fantastic place to do all of these things in Minneapolis.

Our restaurant features authentic Japanese cuisine including ramen. If you are worried that ramen noodles might get in the way of your costume, you can choose one of our house-made steamed buns. We also serve sake from our brewery, which pairs perfectly with any of the meals on our menu.

Remember to stop in at Moto-i on Halloween or make your reservations for that night on our site! We will be happy to see the costume you choose to wear.