Minneapolis is a great place to spend a summer day, and many people visit the city during the warmer months of the year. July and August are often much more agreeable months than September and October, and there’s plenty to do during a day or two in the city. At Moto-i, we love meeting people who are on vacation and visiting the area for the first time, and many times, it’s their first time in a Japanese restaurant!

The Lyn-Lake Neighborhood

Moto-i and our sister restaurant, The Herkimer Pub & Brewery, are located in the Lyn-Lake neighborhood of Minneapolis, just south of Downtown. Lyn-Lake gets its name from Lake Street and Lyndale Avenue, which intersect just south of us. There are plenty of restaurants, breweries, and venues in the neighborhood, and you could spend an entire day just exploring a two-block radius around that intersection. You can browse the many shops and boutiques, have lunch at The Herkimer, catch a show at the Jungle Theater, and enjoy Japanese cuisine for dinner! If you’re looking for some more casual fun, the Bryant-Lake Bowl & Theater is just a couple blocks west of us on Bryant Avenue and Lake Street (hence the bowling alley’s name).

Getting Around the City

Minneapolis is a very accessible city, and it’s easy to walk from place to place without much effort. However, if you’re catching a game at Target Field or you want to go to the Walker Art Center after lunch at Moto-i, you may need to use public transportation. There is a very good light rail system that runs along Lyndale and Lake, so if you finish your meal and you need to catch a train, you won’t have to walk too far. There are also buses you can take to the Downtown area, and our staff will gladly answer your questions about how best to get somewhere that’s not within a reasonable walking distance. You can find 7-day, all-day, and visitor passes for most of the public transportation. Be sure to keep an eye out for the “Free Ride” buses that run along Hennepin Avenue!

Coming Back Again and Again

Many people have such a great time in Minneapolis that they want to come back again and again. It’s often necessary to do so, since you can’t possibly do everything you want to do in one trip. You may spend a few days taking in all the art and culture, and the next time you’re here, you may want to try as many breweries as you can (The Herkimer is a good place to start or finish). You may want to try all different types of cuisines, and we’d love to be your choice for traditional Japanese fare.

No matter why you’re in the Twin Cities, we know you’ll love your time here and you’ll make great memories with everything you experience. If you’re looking for a spot for lunch, dinner, or after-show drinks, come to our restaurant and we’ll make sure you get exceptional service, amazing food, and a delightful ambiance.