The greater Minneapolis area is home to dozens of colleges and universities, and with school now back in session for many of them, students are probably already looking for things to do when they’re not in class or studying for their first exam. At Moto-i, we love meeting new people and seeing familiar faces, so if you’ve never been to our Japanese restaurant, or you haven’t been back since spring semester, then take a study break with us today!

A Prime Location with Prime Hours

Our restaurant is located on Lyndale Avenue S, in the area known as “LynLake,” since it’s situated near the intersection of Lyndale Avenue and Lake Street. There are several bars and restaurants in this area, making it a prime location for college and university students. We’re open until 2:00 a.m. every day of the week, so if you feel like taking a break at midnight, you can come get some delicious Japanese cuisine and enjoy some time away from campus.

Always Be Responsible

If your friends or roommates decide that it’s time for a break on a Tuesday or Wednesday night, then you might all pile into someone’s car and make the drive to the LynLake neighborhood. While we’re always happy to serve drinks to those who are of age, we want everyone who visits us to be responsible and to get home safe. If you’re not feeling like having any sake on a certain night, then volunteer to be the designated driver. If you do plan on drinking, then always remember that a cab or an Uber ride can be the safest and most responsible way to get to and from your dorm room.

Bring the Study Group Here!

When you’re cramming for a quiz or test at the beginning of the semester, you may reach a point where your brain can’t take any more. Your study group may feel the same way, and when that happens, it can be good to go somewhere together and enjoy some downtime. If you don’t know your study group very well, you can take advantage of the opportunity to connect with the others and learn some non-school related things about them.

At Moto-i, we love the energy that comes with the beginning of a new school year, and if you’re a college student who is looking for somewhere to take a study break, somewhere to meet new friends, or somewhere to take a first date, then put our Japanese restaurant on your list. We have a great menu, including outstanding happy hour offerings, and we’re open late. If you’re a night owl, then you can make our location your regular spot for drinks, dinner, and some much-needed downtime.

Visit us today at 2940 Lyndale Ave S, or if you want to make a reservation, give us a call at (612) 821-6262. We also have private event spaces that you can reserve for those special events, such as group outings or winter graduation parties.

We look forward to seeing you soon!