Now that we are a few weeks past the official start of summer, midsummer fun at Moto-i is finally in full swing. Hopefully you have been taking advantage of our suggestions of things to do in Minneapolis during the warmest time of year. If you find yourself needing a sweet treat this summer, then remember that mochi from our Japanese restaurant might be a great way to fulfill your cravings.

What is Mochi?

At Moto-i, we realize that when people see mochi on our menu, they might not realize what exactly this dessert is. This is unfortunate, since mochi is an extremely popular food in Japan and a truly delicious dessert in general. We hope that we can help you discover mochi this summer.

Mochi is a sweet Japanese rice cake that can feature several different fillings. Mochi is one of the traditional foods eaten during Japanese celebrations of the New Year, but it maintains popularity all year in Japan. At Moto-i, we make rotating flavors of mochi to ensure that you always have a new flavor of mochi to try at our restaurant.

In the U.S. as well as Japan, it is common to see balls of ice cream used as a filling for mochi. Ice cream makes mochi one of the tastiest ways to cool down in the summer, and this cold dish is a great summer treat for everyone in the family.

The Perfect End To Any Day

Whether you have to work through the summer, take the kids to various activities, or you are on break from college, mochi makes the perfect ending to your day. If you have never tried mochi before, then you might be missing out on the perfect dessert for your taste buds.

When you come in to try mochi, we suggest first satisfying your hunger with one of our Japanese meals. The menu at Moto-i can serve your tastes no matter the season, with dishes such as Japanese Fried Chicken (JFC), beet salad, and Drunken Noodles. If you are of age, then complement your meal with our sake made from Minnesota-milled rice.

Other Sweets From Moto-i

Perhaps you tried mochi before and it was not your favorite treat. In this case, we are grateful you tried mochi for yourself, and luckily, Moto-i has other scrumptious treats you can choose as the perfect way to end your meal.

Another traditional Japanese dessert that we highly recommend that you try is the sata andagi. Sata andagi is a type of doughnut that comes from the island of Okinawa. At Moto-i, we make our Okinawan doughnuts with a five spice sugar to give it a sweet and varied flavor.

If you would rather top your summer day off with ice cream, then we have two dessert options available for you, one of which is more traditionally Japanese, while the other comes from Minneapolis itself. For the more Japanese ice cream option, try our house-made banana egg roll, which is served with kasu ice cream. To experience a local favorite, order one of the rotating flavors of Sebastian Joe’s ice cream we have available.

However you choose to end your summer day, finish it with a dessert from Moto-i. Our Japanese restaurant in Minneapolis has dessert and dinner options to make your summer tastier. Schedule your reservation today!