Have you been searching for new and exciting meals to have for dinner when it is cold outside? Try steamed buns! Steamed buns are a staple in numerous Asian cuisines, and they make fantastic meals during the winter.

In Minneapolis, it may be challenging for you to find authentic steamed buns, but luckily our Japanese restaurant offers several different types for you to try. Come by Moto-i and order steamed buns off our menu! They are a wonderfully tasty meal to have with friends, and our restaurant and sake bar gives you a great atmosphere to enjoy.

What Are Steamed Buns?

At a basic level, steamed buns are essentially Asian dumplings. They typically consist of buns made out of bread or bread-like flour dough, which is filled with vegetables, meat, or both. As the name implies, steam is usually the method used to prepare the buns, although other preparations can be found for similar buns in Asian.

Most variations on steamed buns include a filling primarily consisting of meat. Pork is probably the most popular meat used in steamed buns, although Moto-i offers chicken, tuna, and even vegan fillings for our steamed buns. Thanks to the bread-like dough and the steaming preparation technique, the buns typically have a soft and fluffy exterior.

Steamed buns are usually the size of a fist, and they are extremely popular in restaurants and convenience stores across Asia. While they are quite popular in China, Japan, and other Asian countries, many Americans have never tried steamed buns before, let alone known that they were so popular in other parts of the world.

History of Steamed Buns

Steamed buns were invented in North China over a thousand years ago, with some estimates stating that they have been consumed in China since the third century. In Chinese, steamed buns are called baozi or bao. Steamed buns are loved by many people in China and Indonesia, but they have quickly become a popular part of Japanese cuisine.

In Japan, steamed buns are called nikuman, and they are a common street food throughout the country. Steamed buns were introduced to most parts of Japan in the late 1920s, and their popularity soared when convenience stores began to sell them in the 1990s. Particularly popular in Tokyo, steamed buns are a frequently eaten winter snack for those in business, students, and other people in a hurry. When the temperature begins to drop in Japan, steamed buns become a prevalent food to eat.

Pork Steamed Buns

Moto-i is proud to offer authentic, house-made steamed buns on our menu. Our steamed buns are a fantastic way to try a favorite of Japanese cuisine for yourself. The pork steamed buns are the most authentic steamed buns on our menu, so they might be an excellent place to start.

We offer two different types of pork steamed buns. First, we have a Pork Shoulder Bun, which features house-made, smoked pork shoulder as the primary filling. This bun also features hoisin sauce, scallions, and pickled cucumber to round out the flavors.

Second, we have our Pork Belly Bun. This steamed bun uses fried pork belly as the primary filling, which gives it full and delicious flavors. It also comes with a ginger-yuzu marmalade, mesclun, and a crispy parsnip.

At only $4 each, these steamed buns can make up an entire meal, or you can pair them with a bowl of ramen to round out your meal. However you choose to eat them, pork steamed buns are a scrumptious way to escape the Minneapolis winter.

Other Steamed Buns on Our Menu

At Moto-i, we understand that not everyone will want to try traditional pork steamed buns. That’s why we also offer chicken, tuna, duck, and tofu steamed buns on our menu. Whether you choose not to eat pork because of the flavor or because of a dietary choice, you can still try house-made steamed buns at Moto-i.

Our Crispy Chicken bun is fantastic for people who love fried chicken and a little bit of spice. It comes with avocado mayo, sriracha, cucumber, and lettuce heart.

For those who prefer fish, we have our Tuna Bun. Filled with seared ahi tuna, scallions, pickled onions, and wasabi mayo, this dish is a flavorful snack to try.

Our Tofu Agedashi Tofu Bun is perfect for vegetarians and vegans looking to try popular Japanese foods. This bun comes with marinated and fried firm tofu, pickled celery, vegan mayo, and micro greens. We are proud to have tasty vegetarian and vegan choices on our menu.

Come to Moto-i

Are you ready to try steamed buns for yourself? If so, then make a reservation online or give us a call! Moto-i is a Japanese restaurant and sake bar in Minneapolis, and we are thrilled to offer numerous Japanese-inspired meals on our menu. Stop by and taste house-made steamed buns!