Last time, we wrote about our sake and all the fantastic cocktails we can create with our junmai rice wine. While you may want to try sake for the first time at our Japanese restaurant, we understand that you may want to stick with the beverages with which you’re comfortable. Our bar has a full selection of beer and a choice list of wine, and our servers will gladly recommend a drink to pair with your favorite ramen dish.

dreamstime_xxl_18563131Minnesota Beer

While there are countless options when it comes to domestic and craft beer, Moto-i proudly serves only beer that is created in Minnesota. There are several craft breweries in The Gopher State, and we’re always adding and rotating beers to our list. The American Red Ale from Herkimer Brewery features a perfect blend of malts and hops, and can go well with any ramen on our menu. The Grain Belt Premium is a mainstay in Minnesota, and this American Lager will leave a hint of sweetness on your palate.

Wonderful Wines

We understand that not everyone is a beer drinker, and our choice list of wines has something for every preference. The Sauvignon Blanc is very refreshing, while the Riesling is a great choice for after dinner. If you enjoy red wines, we have a Malbec, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet on the menu at all times.

Finding the right drink to pair with your traditional Japanese cuisine shouldn’t be difficult, and our staff will make recommendations based on your preferences, your menu choices, or your willingness to try something new. Above all, we want to you thoroughly enjoy your time with us!

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