Hello Team,

There has been a very important notice passed within the last hour that now affects all of us greatly. We have vowed to be open and honest with all of you as these events unravel, so here we are.

As of 3pm today, Mayor Frey has closed dine-in options for all bars and restaurants through the month of March for the city of Minneapolis. This was anticipated, yet shocking news. Given the recent closures in surrounding states, we knew it likely would not be long before we encountered a similar regulation placed upon our heads — we just hoped for more time to be able to plan for all of us.

Here are the things that we would like to share with you and some things we would HIGHLY RECCOMEND you do during this time.

  • First and foremost, we want you to know with total certainty we will re-open after this mandatory closure. And, with that being said, we hope you can take some comfort knowing WE WILL HAVE YOUR JOBS waiting for you when we’re allowed to re-open. Just as we have believed in all of you, we hope you believe in all of us to work tirelessly in our best attempts to take care of each and every one of you. 
  • moto-i will continue to be open for takeout and delivery service only, with limited hours. It is all we are allowed to do starting tomorrow afternoon.
    • Unfortunately, we will not be able to have our hourly staff here with us. Honestly, this breaks our hearts in a way that is truly hard to explain. We are passionate about providing a space for all of you to be able to thrive and this hurts us on a deeper level than we could have ever imagined.
    • We will be staying as informed with all of the updates and changes and we will remain in contact with all of you in an open and honest conversation. 
  • At this time, there is going to be a large influx of people applying for unemployment and we encourage you to also apply immediately, and here is why:
    • It takes some time in order for these requests to be processed and we want you to get in the que now! We want you all to be able to get the financial assistance that you will need during this time of closure.
    • The sooner you apply, the quicker you will be entered into the pool of applicants!
    • We encourage you to do this so that you are at the top of that list, should this crisis take longer than is anticipated. We truly want to make sure that you can be financially covered as quickly as possible during this time. 
    • I would like to stress that in no way is this an indication of the business closing. This is only being recommended to you should this continue longer than anticipated. And, again, it comes at no risk to you when your job becomes available again. 
  • As promised in our previous message, we are working with Local, State and Federal Officials to find additional options for all of you for additional financial assistance and will work to put information together to get to you as soon as possible so you can begin planning your life during this time.  

Thank you all for reading this update. This is a scenario that we could have never planned to happen so quickly. Hell, this is something you can’t really plan for at any rate, let alone a twenty-four-hour window. We hope you all know how much we love you and will continue to be available for assistance, communication, support, and opportunity. Please do not hesitate to reach out to absolutely any of us. We are here for you. We will be thinking of all of you, literally constantly.

with a social distanced x&o,

moto-i management