OH MY GOODNESS ARE WE MISSING YOU! We truly hope all of you are doing alright, have found ways to stay occupied, and ARE TAKING SOCIAL DISTANCING seriously! A lot of you have reached out to us and have been super supportive, which we can’t thank you enough for doing. It’s been beyond strange being here during this. We know all of us are missing moto-i, a busy Saturday night, being together having some laughs. Heck, we even miss trying to comprehend why on earth some lady thinks we’re gonna serve her when she only has her college ID– Yeah, you gotta have a valid ID lady! 😉 

We told you all in our last email that we intend to keep the conversation open and honest with all of you, so we’d love to give you a little update on where things are at moto-i.

Here’s what the management team has been up to this week!

We set up Toast on our website to take ORDERS ONLINE for TAKE-OUT & DELIVERY! Including SAKE DELIVERY! Couple things are so cool about this:

If you haven’t checked it out yet, go to toasttab.com/moto-i and check it! 

  1. Blake and Nick have been delivering all of our orders! Can you imagine ordering and having the OWNER or LEAD BREWER show up at your doorstep to bring you your order?! Talk about a couple of total kings. They have been wearing gloves and masks as they drop everything off. It’s a totally legit operation and it’s really saving our ass too! Because……… 
  2. You can order a bottle of sake and we will freaking deliver it to your home! HOLY HECK. This has been a game-changer for us. Can you guess how many bottles we had sold last week? MORE THAN 60 BOTTLES. MORE THAN 60 BOTTLES! My gang – that is more than we’ve ever done in a week! It’s so cool. I mean… we’re really doing it!
  3. Now that we have everything set up online, we can encourage people to place their to-go orders that way when we fully open back up. Fewer phone calls are always good as we all know! 


  • We’ve been collecting money online through our website and with every take-out order in an effort to help support y’all and we’ve had a decent amount of donations! 
  • People can donate really any denomination, but there are buttons for $1, 5, 15, 25, & 50. We’ve seen a lot of people making donations with their orders, which is really great! 
  • So far we’re up to $450 in donations in the last week from add-ons to delivery and pick up orders! We are working on how to get this distributed back to y’all! 
  • THIS LINK IS HOW PEOPLE CAN DONATE TO THE EMPLOYEE RELIEF FUND! If you want to share it on your social media, feel free! Get that team money, honey! It’s the same as our online ordering site! Starting tomorrow it will just have the donations listed since we will no longer be offering food and sake delivery! Friendly reminder, the donations will be split evenly amongst all hourly employees. toasttab.com/moto-i

We moved the 60’s and put in a couch. Yes, this is the best thing we’ve done all week. 😛 

We don’t want to lose touch with all of you! So, we’d like to start a SLACK CHANNEL for all of us to stay connected! It’s basically like a platform for us to chat with each other but not have a bunch of text messages or chat lists all over the place. Essentially it’s like a moto-i platform of chatrooms. The management team is using it now, and our “channels” or “chat room names” currently are ‘Delivery Energy”, “MOD Gossip”, “Pet Life” and “Recommendation Nation”.. And we’re totally loving it. As you can imagine, lots of adorable pet pictures are running our lives right now. 

  • There will be a space for everyone to chat, share photos, ask questions, anything! It’s a space just for all of us to be in the loop together and not feel like we’ve totally loss communication our moto-i fam overnight. 
  • We will be sending you invites to you today via your email address! If you don’t get one just let us know and we’ll send you another one. Honestly, there’s no reason not to join in with us– you can mute or leave chats you don’t like, or just not check your SLACK APP if you’re not in the mood! But it’s been a huge plus for us in feeling like we’re still a team 🙂 
  • It’s a FREE APP! or you can go on the website/your phone mobile browser–if you prefer. 

Now to give you a different kind of update:

As of today, we have decided to stop taking orders at moto-i [JUST FOR NOW, MIND YOU. WE WILL STILL OPEN UP WHEN THIS PASSES! I SAY THAT WITH 1,000% CERTAINTY].

I know, that sounds intense, but here is what we talked about and what brought us to this decision:


  • Our team firmly believes that the window that we will be allowed to remain open is extremely limited. We are thinking it will be about 48 hours until a city or statewide order is issued to only allow essential and medical establishments to remain open. 
  • In feeling this way, we want to be able to use this time to prepare, give what product we can to the community, and put a plan in place for all of you. 

As we said, we’re missing all of you, and we want to be able to offer some essentials if you are in need, or would like to have some tasty comforts in your home! Here’s what we have to offer and think you should take advantage of!

Do you like beer and sake? Well, that’s awesome because we have quite a lot of it! 

  • Any employee that would like either a GROWLER OF HERKIMER BEER or a BOTTLE OF MOTO-I SAKE can have one on us! All you have to do is respond to this e-mail with which you would prefer and whether or not you would like to come to pick it up or have one of us drop it off to you. Please don’t hesitate to let us deliver it to you, we’re offering it because we’d like to! But, if you’re itching to get out, you can pull up out front and we’ll run it out to you! 
  • We have some supplies, and we’d like to extend them to you if you are in need. If you are in need of:

Then put your request in with your response to this e-mail and we’ll get your package prepared for you! The time for pick up of these items will be Wednesday, 3/25, between the hours of 2pm-5pm. If you would prefer delivery, we’ll respond to you individually and pick a time that works for both parties sometime this week!

LOVE, PEACE, AND RANGOON GREASE! We miss you all terribly!!! 

  • Kelly, Katie, Nick, Tyler, Alex, Danko, & Blake