Hi Team,

A couple quick updates coming to you that we’d like you to read ASAP. Please respond to this message so we know you’ve received this information.



WASH YOUR HANDS: every 30 minutes.

You’re all very good about washing your hands, but we need to step it up a notch for obvious safety reasons. Our new policy is at least every thirty minutes. You will probably find yourselves washing your hands more frequently than that based on your position in the restaurant. But if it’s been 30 minutes since you’ve come into contact with anything that would require you to wash your hands, wash them anyway.

You are handling cash, id’s, credit cards, chopsticks, etc. and it is mandatory for your health and for the health of others that you wash your hands after touching any of it as soon as possible. We will be telling you frequently to do so and we want you to know that it is not personal, it’s protocol.

HANDLING GLASSWARE AND GARBAGE: Continue to use proper bussing techniques to limit the exposure.

  • Bus glassware from the base of the glass
  • Do not grab a grouping of three glasses from the opening of the glass
  • Bus chopsticks from the ends that were not in someone’s mouth

IF YOU ARE A SMOKER: Everyone that smokes is in the habit of washing their hands the moment they walk in the back door inside the kitchen, which we appreciate. But, we need to ask you to do an additional handwash during these strange and unprecedented times. This new procedure is for the visual and comfort of our guests. We’d like you to continue to wash your hands immediately when you walk in the back door because you’ve just had your hands close to your mouth, and it’s important to wash them right away. But, in addition, we’d like you to wash them again in the front of the house if you are a FOH employee. You still smell like smoke, and we want our guests to be *assured* that you have washed your hands by being able to watch you do it. We know this may sound like overkill, but it’s important to us and we hope you can appreciate our interest behind this matter. So please additionally wash your hands behind the bar if you are a bartender and in the server station if you are a server. Your hands can’t be too clean anyway, right? 🙂 

Stop touching your face! Do not touch your face. If you do, wash your hands! Be conscious of this habit that everyone in the world partakes in– this is for your safety and the safety of others!

Sanitizer in spray bottles: We will begin this procedure Monday when the spray bottles arrive. Spray bottles of sanitizer will be replacing buckets of sanitizer. They are to be used for cleaning all bar tops and tabletops. A sanitizer bucket may still be placed in their usual spots, but will not have anything in them other than the dry towel used to wipe after spraying.

SICK & SAFE TIME:  Don’t forget you have it!

IF YOU ARE SICK, WE DON’T WANT YOU HERE! [it’s because we love you!]

And there is a program in place to help you! That being said, please make sure you are letting us know THE MOMENT you are not feeling well. Do not wait until later to see if you might feel better, just please, take the time off. We want to make sure we have the time to have someone else, or a manager cover your shift– and we don’t want you subconsciously convince yourself you’re doing better when you really should be airing on the side of safety. You don’t need to get your shift covered either, just let us know and we’ll take care of the rest. If you’d like to try and switch a shift with someone else for later in the week, you’re still more than welcome to go that route as well.


  • Do Not: Wait and see if you are going to feel better… Let’s be proactive!
  • IF YOU WANT TO USE YOUR SAFE AND SICK TIME: Just let Kelly know! She’ll take care of the rest!

This is uncharted territory for us as well, and we’re sure you will have valid questions that we will have to work out the answers to as we go. But please know, all of your questions are valid and we welcome all of them– but we appreciate your flexibility in advance to the fact that we may not know the answers to all of them immediately. That being said, please know now that procedures and protocols could change daily, as we don’t entirely understand what is happening or about to come our way. But, we do promise you we will be entirely transparent with you and update you as soon as we receive information that will affect us, you, or business as usual.

Thanks for your time everyone, talk soon!

moto-i management