Hello Team! 

As you have probably seen and heard, several states have been ordered to close restaurants and bars. This email is not designed to tell you we are facing the same reality or to scare you, but I think it is important that we be open and honest about the reality of the state of the country. It is important that you stay in the loop. 

Obviously this is not something we have ever encountered and we are doing our absolute best to navigate these unknown waters, looking to be able to provide you information with assistance and hoping to be able to provide a business that is open for you to be able to accrue money. 

For now, we have decided to close at midnight and will be making adjustments to this week’s schedule. We want to be able to keep every employee on schedule, but we also do not want to schedule anyone to work if they would prefer not to during this strange and difficult time.

We will be putting out a Schoox update today with questions to a quiz that I would like you to answer. This quiz will ask you about your desire to work as we look for a way to appropriately schedule you as we gauge your level of comfortability. Here is a preview of the questions we’d like you to answer:

  1. What is your level of comfort with working at the restaurant for the next two weeks?
  • 1 = I do not feel comfortable working 
  • 2 = I have some comfort being at work 
  • 3 = I do feel comfortable working
  1. What is your desire to want to work?
  • 1 = No desire to work 
  • 2 = I would still like some shifts
  • 3 = I would like all the hours possible
  1. Does this affect your availability?
  • 1 = I will need to adhere to my previously set days
  • 2 = I would like to adhere to my availability unless otherwise needed
  • 3 = I can be available to work any days possible

Blake and Katie are working on gathering information about state assistance programs that will be able to help during this time and I will make sure it is available to you as soon as we have it compiled for you. 

The truth of the matter is that this will not last forever. We don’t know the timeframe, but we are working hard to put a plan in place with everyone’s interest. 

Thank you for reading and please do the Schoox update this evening! We’re thinking of you and appreciate you all very much! Talk soon!