With November now here, Minneapolis residents are getting ready for another cold winter in the Twin Cities. You’ve likely broken out the warm coats, along with the hats and scarves, and you’re prepared for another few months of cold, snow, and wind.

At Moto-i, we’re here to provide you with a warm spot where you can come to get out of the cold, whether you’re on your way home from work, you’re out on the weekend, or you need somewhere for a date with your special someone. As you local sake bar, we can provide a cozy spot where you can warm up and enjoy a delicious drink!

Warming Up with a Drink

While you may have heard that drinking alcohol, such as brandy or sake, can warm you up when you’re cold, that’s not necessarily the truth. While you may feel warmer after the first few sips, it’s actually just your blood vessels dilating due to the alcohol. What will truly make you feel warmer is sitting at a table or in a booth surrounded by people you like, enjoying tasty food and drink from our menu. If you’re out holiday shopping over the next few weeks, then come by our Japanese restaurant and take the chill out of your day for an hour or so.

Try a Sake Cocktail

You may not be the biggest fan of sake, at least on its own, and that’s okay. Our bartenders have concocted a number of sake cocktails that your are sure to like, and that are sure to help you feel warmer on a cold winter’s day. For example, our Hustle & Heat contains junmai sake, mezcal, orange liqueur, beet puree, and chili simple syrup for that extra ounce of zip. A slightly spicy cocktail, this drink goes great with a number of dishes on our menu, or you can enjoy it on its own. If you want a cocktail that has more of a winter theme, then try our Frostbite Fizz, which has junmai, gin, frothy egg, simple syrup, fresh lime, and Jamaican bitters.

Visit Us Today

Winter can seem long and dreary in Minneapolis, and that’s why it’s important to find as many bright spots as you can. If you’re out in the city buying presents, or you’re catching a movie on a Friday or Saturday night, then stop by our sake bar to try a drink you’ve never had before, or to enjoy an old standby that you love sipping every time. We’re open late seven days a week, so even if you’re out and about after midnight, we’ll be here to serve you sake that’s brewed on site and food that makes you feel like you’re in Japan.

We can also help you plan your company holiday party this year, or you can reserve a table for friends and family who are in town to visit. With an outstanding menu and the first sake brewpub outside of Japan, Moto-i is here to make your winter a little warmer and a bit more enjoyable.

We look forward to seeing you soon!