Western civilization has paired wine with food for centuries, and there are now those who specialize in pairing craft beer with certain dishes. There are so many options when it comes to wine and beer pairing that it can seem impossible to find the perfect match. However, it’s important not to forget that Eastern civilization also pairs alcohol with food, and sake, while it can be completely enjoyed on its own, can be boosted when matched with the right dish. At Moto-i, we love helping patrons find the perfect combination of sake and traditional Japanese cuisine and in this blog, we’ll cover some of the basics of pairing sake with food.

The Sake’s Flavor Profile

When you taste the sake in our restaurant, you may notice it’s slightly more acidic than other sake you’ve tried. This is because we serve Junmai and Namazake that has not been pasteurized, which means the yeast enzymes are still active. For sake that’s more acidic, fish is often a good choice, and if there’s butter in the dish, it can make the flavor of the sake even better. If you prefer sweeter sake, acidic food can be a good choice, since the sake flavor will balance it out. Heavy, earthy sake often goes best with stewed meat, with pork being an ideal choice.

It’s Okay to Be Unsurepairingsakewithfood-blogimg1

If you’ve ever been to a wine pairing event, then you know how awkward it can feel when you don’t know which Cabernet goes with which dish, or when you should enjoy a Riesling. With sake (and with any alcohol), it’s okay to be unsure which food it pairs with best. Your flavor preferences will be different than those of your spouse or friends, and trying a few different combinations is perhaps the best way to find what you like. Our servers can provide samples of our sake to try with different appetizers and entrees, and you can try a different one with each bite to discover which one is your favorite. It’s always good to expand your palate, and if we would love to help you do so!

No matter what you like to eat, there is a variety of sake that can work with your favorite dishes. Experimentation is perhaps the best way to discovering which sake works best with which dish, and even if those you’re dining with don’t like a certain combination, you may love it. Our servers can also recommend dishes on our menu that go well with our sake. If you have questions about a certain sake, we’ll be more than happy to answer them for you, and can even explain how the sake is made in our on-site brewery.

If you want to learn how sake pairs with food, or you want try to the drink for the first time, come to Moto-i in Minneapolis today. We take great pride in our ramen dishes and sake, and would love to help you discover new flavors and combinations you didn’t know existed. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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