The days in Minneapolis are getting longer, giving us more sunlight and time to enjoy the summer fun. This year, the summer solstice (the longest day of the year) in the Northern Hemisphere falls on Friday, June 21. Our sake bar is excited to help you celebrate the extra hours of daylight and start the weekend off right.

The Solstice

Traditionally, the summer solstice was thought of as the midpoint of summer, although we now mark it as the beginning of summer. In terms of astronomy, the summer solstice is the time of year in which the sun reaches its highest point in the sky.

Since the sun reaches its highest point in the sky on this day, we get extra hours of sunlight compared to what we get during other seasons. This is especially true for us here in Minneapolis, since we are farther north than much of the Northern Hemisphere.

Interestingly enough, the earth is actually farthest from the sun during summer in the Northern Hemisphere. This seems counterintuitive to most, since we get more daylight hours and higher temperatures in the summer. While it may be counterintuitive, both of these factors mostly depend on the tilt of the earth’s axis. The tilt in our planet’s axis makes the Northern Hemisphere face the sun more in one part of the year (summer), which creates higher temperatures and more sunlight.

Best Ways To Start Summer

We already gave our best tips for things to do this summer in Minneapolis, but the start of summer should be celebrated in its own special way. Whether you have to work on June 21st or get to spend the day basking in the extra sunlight, keep reading to learn good ways to spend the day.

Our first tip for starting your summer off right is to go to the lake. What better way to ring in the summer fun than a trip to one of Minnesota’s famous lakes? After your day at the lake, remember to visit Moto-i to order some refreshing sake and Japanese food.

If you have to spend most of the day at work and can’t make it to the lake, consider walking or biking along the river. This activity still gets you outdoors and enjoying the summer atmosphere, but without the commitment of a trip to the lake. Plan your route to end at Moto-i, and cool off with some mochi ice cream.

If you happen to be visiting Minneapolis on the summer solstice this year, try kicking off the summer with a boat tour. A boat tour gives you the chance to travel down the historic Mississippi River and learn the history of Minneapolis while being in the extra sunlight. After your tour, come visit us at Moto-i and try sake brewed with rice milled in Minnesota.

Celebrate at Moto-i

The best way to celebrate the summer solstice this year in Minneapolis is by finishing your long day at Moto-i. Our sake bar and Japanese restaurant gives you the perfect setting to start the weekend and celebrate the official beginning of summer. We will serve you food and sake that will start your summer off right!