dreamstime_xxl_3428157If you’ve had friends who have offered you sake (pronounced ‘sä-kē”), you may have tried it, and either you didn’t like it, or you loved it, but couldn’t seem to find the same quality the next time you looked at the liquor store. At Moto-i in Minneapolis, we brew and serve our very own sake, and would love to have you try our lineup. You can try it on its own, or have it with your traditional Japanese meal.

Our Brewing Process

We begin our brewing process by milling, or polishing, our flour. We use three different Japanese rice varieties – Koshihikari, Akitakomachi, and Hitomebore. Once the rice is milled, we wash and soak it before steaming it. The steaming process is done the following morning after soaking, and this creates a firm outer surface and inner core for the rice. We then introduce koji-kin, which is a mold spore that converts the rice starches into sugars. Once the yeast starter is added, those sugars are converted into alcohol. The rice is then fermented in the moromi tank, where it stays for 21 to 25 days. After that, the sake is pressed and served!

If you’re interested in trying our sake, or you want to know more about the brewing and fermentation process, visit our bar and restaurant in Minneapolis today. Our staff will gladly tell you about our methods and procedures, and how the sake that’s now sitting in front of you was made. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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moto-i Ramen & Sake House

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