Valentine’s day has faced some controversy in the age of the internet. It’s a polarizing issue for some and is jokingly referred to as “single’s awareness” days in some circles. But all of the internet’s blabbing cannot diminish the magic of the day. Valentines, as we all know, is best when celebrated with everyone. Everyone you love in any way, as a friend, family member or significant other deserves a little something on Valentines day. That being said, making your friends and family feel loved is a prospect more suited for a brunch or something similar. Valentines day dinner is a special time for you and your significant other to shut out the world and become absorbed in what makes you two click. If you’re looking for an evening with your special person that will be remembered for long past the event, you’re in the right place.

Be Unorthodox

When people think of Japanese food, they only ever picture sushi. They don’t picture the highly nuanced cuisine that harkens back to a country that’s rich in culture and flavor. Believing the only thing a Japanese restaurant has to offer you is sushi, is like believing that Italian restaurants only serve spaghetti. Part of the reason people search for a significant other that understands them and that they enjoy is because they’re looking for new experiences. When you’re with your special someone, you’re hoping to go on adventures together, explore new opportunities and weather life at its lowest and highest points. There are few things more adventurous than trying new food. It’s why the “travel channel” features multiple different food-themed shows: people want to see, try and taste new foods that they never would have thought to try before. Moto-i provides one of the more unique dining experiences in Minneapolis. We love the idea of introducing you to new and exciting culinary experiences, which is why our extremely varied menu provides you the opportunity to sample many different types of traditional Japanese foods without having to pay for the plane ticket to get there. 

Something That Differentiates

When folks are looking for the prime restaurant to host as the backdrop for their special night, they want something different. Not just in terms of cuisine offered, but in terms of what makes the restaurant special. While our unique and creative authentic Japanese cuisine is more than enough to settle Moto-i as a true culinary experience, our sake brewery sets us apart. If you’re unfamiliar with it, sake is an alcoholic beverage from Japan. It’s made from fermented rice of high-quality and is widely known for occupying beautiful, small clay cups and pots for serving. Sake is a unique beverage that does not compare to wine or beer, nor can it be compared to distilled liquors either. Because of the fermentation processes used to craft sake, it lies in a category all its own which, obviously, renders it an exotic and sought after experience for those who have yet to partake. 

Pride In our Sake

The sake you’ll find at Moto-i is all our own. We serve two types of sake: Junmai and Namazake. Junmai dictates that the rice is pure, meaning there is no added alcohol and that it will be milled at a rate of 70%. The term Namazake details that the sake is not pasteurized. This ensures that the yeast enzymes are still active and will likely be present in the final sake product. This provides a fresh, young sake that offers a cleaner, crisper finish and with a higher acidity. When you try your first sake at Moto-i, we’ll show you how to pair it to your meal and ensure that you are provided the best possible sake tasting experience. 


Minneapolis is a cool city, and that fact is based entirely on its atmosphere. The same feeling of possibility and promise that makes our city shine can be found in the Moto-i. Our restaurant is lively, yet feels private. It provides intricate and stunning cuisine against a backdrop of simplicity and elegance. We’ve done our best to capture the unique flavor of Minneapolis and the peace of Japan in our decor, our people and every other aspect of our restaurant. Most people look for a romantic atmosphere when they’re shopping for a restaurant to get a reservation at for Valentines. Moto-i offers much in the way of atmosphere, and we’re certain both you, and your date, will be impressed and enthralled. 


When you go to a restaurant that offers a foreign cuisine, especially one you’re unfamiliar with, you want to be assured that there’s variety. Without variety, you’ll be left eating something you may not like. Read the menu first. If you can see a couple of things that sound great due to the ingredients you’re reading about or a passing familiarity with the recipe, you’ll be a happier camper. Trying new food is great, but you’ll always need an anchor in the normal. For example, if you’re trying a new plate that offers no ingredients you recognize or have liked in the past, it’s a bigger risk to order that item. Do your research first and make sure you and your date like the variety on a menu. Luckily, Moto-i provides one of the largest selections of ingredients available. We want you to feel familiar with the ingredients used, even if how they’re used is all new to you. 

Make Your Valentines Memorable

Making reservations at one of the tastiest places in town with exotic menu choices is the best way to make your Valentine’s this year special. Reach out to us soon to get the reservation and table you want so you can enjoy the views of the city at a quiet table with your SO. We look forward to introducing you to the wonderful cuisine of the Japanese culture and our take on delicious sake made right here in your neighborhood. 

To make reservations, or get a gift card for a loved one, feel free to come visit us and sample the food before the big day. There’s nothing wrong with finding out how wonderful a restaurant can be before you spend a holiday there. We look forward to seeing you.