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  1. Impress Your Date at Moto-i

    Going on a first date can be very exciting, but it can also be very nerve wracking. If you were the one who asked out the other person, or you’re being set up on a blind date and you get to pick the restaurant, it’s important to choose a spot that shows you want to enjoy good food and have a good time. If you or your date love Japanese food, Moto-i is a perfect choice. We can make sure you ha…Read More

  2. National Ramen Noodle Day

    Ramen noodles come in many varieties and is an essential ingredient in creating a perfect bowl of ramen. Originating from China, ramen noodles are made with salt, water, wheat and kansui. Kansui is a mineral-rich salt water that gives the ramen noodles their yellow coloring and light bouncy texture. After years of experimenting with different style of ramen noodles, we adopted the Tokyo style …Read More

  3. Book Your College Graduation Party at Stryker’s Lookout!

    April is almost here, and that means there’s just over a month left in the college semester. For those who are graduating in May, this time marks the end of one chapter in their lives and the beginning of another. While they may be looking forward to starting a career, getting married, or any of the other countless possibilities that come post-graduation, it’s also important to celebrate the …Read More

  4. What is Okonomiyaki?

    When people try Japanese cuisine for the first time, they often have many questions about what ingredients are used and what certain dishes contain. This is perfectly acceptable, as people are often unsure about a dish the first time they eat it. At moto-i, we believe in providing every customer with the perfect meal every time they visit, and we’re always happy to answer any questions about ou…Read More

  5. Things to Do While Visiting the Twin Cities

    Minneapolis is a great city to visit for vacation, and when paired with its twin city of St. Paul, there are plenty of things to do. Depending on what time of year you’re here, the weather can have an impact on whether you enjoy indoor or outdoor activities, but there’s always something going on in the Twin Cities. At Moto-i, we love meeting people from other parts of the country and the worl…Read More

  6. Celebrate Hanami With Us

    When people think of Japan, they may think of many things, including sake, ramen, and of course, cherry blossoms. Each year, these beautiful trees blossom from March until early May, and people often travel far to see the progression of the season. At moto-i in Minneapolis, we love celebrating the arrival of spring and the cherry blossom viewing (known as “Hanami”), and you too can celebrate …Read More

  7. The History of Sake

    At moto-i in Minneapolis, we’re proud of our on-site sake brewery and the delicious beverages we make on a regular basis. We love when people come into our restaurant and try sake or a sake cocktail for the first time, and we always enjoy seeing the look on their face when they taste the delicious blend of this traditional drink. People have enjoyed sake for centuries, and understanding the his…Read More

  8. Join Our Restaurant’s Loyalty Club

    After you’ve lived in a city for a few months, you most likely find those spots that you frequent for food, drink, and entertainment. You like these spots because of their atmosphere, their service, and their selection. Whether it’s a bar, a restaurant, or a coffee house, you feel at home there and enjoy seeing familiar faces every time you visit. At Moto-i in Minneapolis, we feel the same wa…Read More

  9. Join us for Movie Night Every Sunday Night

    If you’re a fan of Japanese cinema, you most likely have your favorite films, directors, and movie stars. You may have even created your own cinema collection, and often have friends over who love the same films you do, or who perhaps haven’t seen some cult classic you’ve owned for years. If you’re looking to meet people who appreciate Japanese movies as much as you do, then moto-i is the…Read More

  10. Show Off Your Skills at Open Mic Night!

    If you’re a musician who’s new to Minneapolis, or you simply enjoy getting up in front of people and playing the guitar, then moto-i’s weekly open mic night is perfect for you. Wether you have dozens of open mic nights under your belt or you're nervous about attending your first one, we want to welcome you to our open mic night. We hold our weekly event every Tuesday in the Big Boy Lounge f…Read More