1. New Years Eve 2015

    Put your party pants on and say hi to 2016… Oh yeah and we have you covered in the morning for that “Do you remember” conversation over brunch.…Read More

  2. Restaurant Week 2015

    October 18-23 $10 Lunch Specials Menu – Available from 12pm-5pm 1st Course Green Salad – Mesclun, Cucumbers, Carrots, Radishes, Carrot Ginger Vinaigrette Corn Soup – Corn Broth, Roasted Corn, Chili Oil, Cilantro 2nd Course Abura Pork Ramen – Smoked Pork Shoulder, Egg, Pickled Red Onion, Scallion, Chili Oil, Ponzu, Bonito Flakes Thai Fried Rice – Egg, Carrot, Onion, Thai Basil, Scallion, …Read More

  3. From The Brewery

    News sakes are out! Junmai Kimoto Tokubetsu Roka  – our annual Tokubetsu release. Tokubetsu means “special”. When you see that in the description of a sake, it means the brewer has done something special or experimental in the brewing process. In the case of our Kimoto Tokubetsu, we blended two different strains of yeast, AK-12 and 701. The final product was then lightly charcoal filtered, …Read More

  4. From The Brewery

    The brewing season has officially come to a close! It has been another innovating and exciting year. Every single tank is full, each containing a unique sake that can be transformed in a number of different ways. We will tap the first sake on April 30th for Dining Out For Life, 35% of sales will go towards this great cause. The sake will be an ultra exclusive single barrel sake, labeled simply as …Read More

  5. From The Brewery

    The time has finally arrived to release brand new sake from this brewing season! We will be rotating in the new brews over the next few of months. The first release will be the new Junmai Ginjo Nigori AK-12! Nigori, which means “loosely pressed”, is often slightly sweeter due to remaining unfermented sugars that are left behind. The resulting sake has a pleasant cloudy appearance with a heavie…Read More

  6. Dining Out For Life 2015

    We are proud to be part of Dining Out for Life again this year. Join us April 30th to support a great cause. Open 12pm-2am.…Read More

  7. From The Brewery

    When the weather finally begins to warm up, that is usually the sign that sake brewing season has just about come to a close. But don’t worry, we have brewed enough sake to last all year! Every tank in the kura (brewery) is just about full to the brim. By a rough calculation… that’s just under 10,000 liters of sake, which equals to about 50,000 glasses of sake! That means its time for you to…Read More