1. moto-i COVID-19 Staff Notice of Closure 3/16/20

    Hello Team, There has been a very important notice passed within the last hour that now affects all of us greatly. We have vowed to be open and honest with all of you as these events unravel, so here we are. As of 3pm today, Mayor Frey has closed dine-in options for all bars and restaurants through the month of March for the city of Minneapolis. This was anticipated, yet shocking news. Given the r…Read More

  2. moto-i COVID-19 Staff Update 3/13/20

    Hello Team!  As you have probably seen and heard, several states have been ordered to close restaurants and bars. This email is not designed to tell you we are facing the same reality or to scare you, but I think it is important that we be open and honest about the reality of the state of the country. It is important that you stay in the loop.  Obviously this is not something we have ever encoun…Read More

  3. moto-i COVID-19 Staff Update 3/10/20

    Hi Team, A couple quick updates coming to you that we'd like you to read ASAP. Please respond to this message so we know you've received this information. HAND WASHING / GLOVES / SANITIZER: This is the NUMBER ONE MOST IMPORTANT THING WE WILL BE TALKING ABOUT THIS WEEK. PAY ATTENTION. WASH YOUR HANDS: every 30 minutes. You're all very good about washing your hands, but we need to step it up a notch…Read More

  4. The History Of Rangoons

    Rangoons it seems, always manage to quickly endear people to Asian foods of all kinds. There’s nothing quite like biting into a fried pastry and being greeted by a delicate crunch and then a burst of different flavors, carried to you on a wave of delicious, fresh cream cheese. Funnily enough, though, cream cheese as you may know it is from New York. So are rangoons really an authentic Asian cuis…Read More

  5. Why Moto-I Is Perfect For A Valentine’s Day Date

    Valentine’s day has faced some controversy in the age of the internet. It’s a polarizing issue for some and is jokingly referred to as “single’s awareness” days in some circles. But all of the internet’s blabbing cannot diminish the magic of the day. Valentines, as we all know, is best when celebrated with everyone. Everyone you love in any way, as a friend, family member or significan…Read More

  6. Ring in the New Year at Moto-i

    Are you searching for an enjoyable way to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Minneapolis? If so, then consider visiting Moto-i! Our Japanese restaurant and sake bar is located in downtown Minneapolis, so you are sure to be close to all the festivities within the city. In today’s post, we will explain the perks of celebrating the start of 2020 at Moto-i. Keep reading to discover what makes our Japanes…Read More

  7. a steamed bun next to sauce

    Try Steamed Buns at Moto-i

    Have you been searching for new and exciting meals to have for dinner when it is cold outside? Try steamed buns! Steamed buns are a staple in numerous Asian cuisines, and they make fantastic meals during the winter. In Minneapolis, it may be challenging for you to find authentic steamed buns, but luckily our Japanese restaurant offers several different types for you to try. Come by Moto-i and orde…Read More

  8. a bowl of ramen noodles

    Enjoy Ramen Noodles This Winter

    As the temperature in Minneapolis continues to fall, people are getting ready for winter. For some, that means putting an extra ice scraper in their car for emergencies, while for others, it means breaking out the extra layers and watching hockey every night. Nearly everyone in Minneapolis realizes that winters in Minnesota can be brutally cold, yet beautiful and enjoyable at the same time. At Mot…Read More

  9. Planning Your Halloween Festivities

    October is finally upon us, which means that Halloween is just around the corner. Usually, Halloween is a great time to enjoy city life and see everything that the nightlife in Minneapolis has to offer. Whether you love the fall season, take pleasure in the frightening atmosphere, or simply want an excuse to spend time with your friends, Halloween offers a fantastic chance for you to enjoy yoursel…Read More

  10. Three women enjoying a meal together

    Enjoy a Friday Night Meal

    With summer drawing to a close, do you really want to be spending this Friday night at home, watching television, eating popcorn, and sitting on the couch? You have worked hard at your job all week, and you deserve to take some time and relax with friends. Come visit our Japanese restaurant in Minneapolis to make the most out of your next Friday night and start your weekend off the right way. In t…Read More