1. The History of Sake

    At moto-i in Minneapolis, we’re proud of our on-site sake brewery and the delicious beverages we make on a regular basis. We love when people come into our restaurant and try sake or a sake cocktail for the first time, and we always enjoy seeing the look on their face when they taste the delicious blend of this traditional drink. People have enjoyed sake for centuries, and understanding the hist…Read More

  2. Pairing Sake with Food

    Western civilization has paired wine with food for centuries, and there are now those who specialize in pairing craft beer with certain dishes. There are so many options when it comes to wine and beer pairing that it can seem impossible to find the perfect match. However, it’s important not to forget that Eastern civilization also pairs alcohol with food, and sake, while it can be completely enj…Read More

  3. Important Sake Terms to Know

    Wine experts are known as sommeliers, beer experts are known as cicerones, but what is a sake expert called? While there doesn’t seem to be a specific term for it, a sake expert is someone who knows and appreciates the intricacies of this traditional Japanese drink. At Moto-i in Minneapolis, our sake brewers are well versed in the processes and terminology involved in making this alcoholic drink…Read More

  4. Try One of Our Sake Cocktails!

    There are those who prefer traditional sake, and at Moto-i, we have that in plentiful supply. With an on-site sake brewery, we create many different types of Junmai sake, which is perfect for drinking on its own or adding to traditional cocktails. Our restaurant bar is fully stocked with sake, spirits, and liquor, and our bartenders can create the perfect cocktail for happy hour or to pair with yo…Read More

  5. Try a New Drink with Sake at Moto-i

    The word “moto” in Japanese is the word for the yeast starter that begins the fermentation process to create sake. There are three types of “moto” that can be used: kimoto, yamahai, or sokujo. At Moto-i in Minneapolis, our on-site brewery offers several types of sake, and if you’re interested in trying a new type of alcoholic drink, our servers will gladly recommend an ideal choice for y…Read More

  6. Have Happy Hour at Our Sake Bar!

    It’s a workplace tradition around the country – the Friday happy hour. You and your coworkers want to celebrate making it through another successful week, and what better way to celebrate than with a round of drinks? However, if you’re tired of going to the same bar or restaurant down the street from the office, shake things up by visiting the sake bar at Moto-i in Minneapolis. We brew our s…Read More

  7. Try Sake for the First Time at Moto-i

    If you’ve had friends who have offered you sake (pronounced ‘sä-kē”), you may have tried it, and either you didn’t like it, or you loved it, but couldn’t seem to find the same quality the next time you looked at the liquor store. At Moto-i in Minneapolis, we brew and serve our very own sake, and would love to have you try our lineup. You can try it on its own, or have it with your tra…Read More