1. Sake, Wine, and Beer: What’s the Difference?

    When people hear about our sake bar in Minneapolis, they often ask us what sake is. At Moto-i, we find answering this question difficult, since the two most comparable beverages (beer and wine) are still quite different from sake. Read on to learn how this unique Japanese beverage differs from beer and wine. Beer is Beer As we explain on our Sake Brewery page, sake comes from a brewing process tha…Read More

  2. Top Off The Longest Day Of The Year

    The days in Minneapolis are getting longer, giving us more sunlight and time to enjoy the summer fun. This year, the summer solstice (the longest day of the year) in the Northern Hemisphere falls on Friday, June 21. Our sake bar is excited to help you celebrate the extra hours of daylight and start the weekend off right. The Solstice Traditionally, the summer solstice was thought of as the midpoin…Read More

  3. Get out of the Cold and Have a Cup of Sake!

    With November now here, Minneapolis residents are getting ready for another cold winter in the Twin Cities. You’ve likely broken out the warm coats, along with the hats and scarves, and you’re prepared for another few months of cold, snow, and wind. At Moto-i, we’re here to provide you with a warm spot where you can come to get out of the cold, whether you’re on your way home from work, yo…Read More

  4. Summer is a Great Time for Sake!

    At Moto-i in Minneapolis, we love the summertime and all that comes with it. Whether you’re spending all your time by the pool, or you’re getting out and seeing parts of the city that you’ve never visited before, summer is a great time for both relaxing and exploring. We all know that the one thing that many people want when they’re lounging by the pool, or after they’ve been out and abo…Read More

  5. Make Us a Part of Your Summer Pub Crawl!

    It might only be May, but you’re likely already planning your summer fun with friends and family. If you have a group of friends that gets together every summer for a pub crawl, then why not add Moto-i to the list? At our sake bar in Minneapolis, you can enjoy beer, wine, and sake that’s brewed on site! Try Something Different This Summer We have an outstanding selection of sake, and the tradi…Read More

  6. Four Common Questions About Sake

    At Moto-i in Minneapolis, we take great pride in the sake that we brew on-site and serve to our customers. We have a great variety of options when it comes to sake, and we love watching people discover the unique flavors of this illustrious beverage. We offer tours of our sake brewery, so if you want to see firsthand how the drink is made, you can get up close and personal and explore how this tra…Read More

  7. The Ceremony of Sake

    If you’ve ever traveled to Japan, or are familiar with Japanese culture, then you most likely know how important ceremony is to the country. The Japanese people have many rites and rituals, with many of them stemming from various religions found throughout the country. As with many religious ceremonies, food and drink come into the equation at some point, and in Japan, sake is a very important p…Read More

  8. Sake Cocktails to Try at Home

    At Moto-i in Minneapolis, we’re dedicated to making and serving the best sake in the Twin Cities. Our on-site brewery makes it easy to show people how our sake is made, and we’re always striving to create the most flavorful varieties. While you can order traditional drinks by the glass, we also have sake cocktails that offer something different in the way of flavors. Many of these, like our Ce…Read More

  9. Understanding Sumo Terms

    At Moto-i in Minneapolis, we love sumo wrestling, and we are the best spot in the city to catch the Grand Sumo Tournament each and every year. We also have a Sumo Fantasy League where you can sign up and win cash prizes, happy hour specials, and more. We always have sake ready to serve and you can enjoy a cup of your favorite style while you watch your favorite rikishi try to dominate his opponent…Read More

  10. The History of Sake

    At moto-i in Minneapolis, we’re proud of our on-site sake brewery and the delicious beverages we make on a regular basis. We love when people come into our restaurant and try sake or a sake cocktail for the first time, and we always enjoy seeing the look on their face when they taste the delicious blend of this traditional drink. People have enjoyed sake for centuries, and understanding the hist…Read More